Sermon recordings by William "Bill" Barnett
while serving as Pastor Tomahawk Presbyterian Church 2012-2017
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1 10132013.WMA 10132013.mp3 Give Thanks, Praise God!
2 10202013.WMA 10202013.mp3 Pray, Tell the Truth, Trust in God (intro by Rev. Barbara Spies)
3 11172013.WMA 11172013.mp3 End Times? I Hope Not!
4 12012013.WMA 12012013.mp3 Eat, Drink, Be Merry, for Tomorrow?
5 02022014.WMA 02022014.mp3 I don't always feel blessed
6 02092014.WMA 02092014.mp3 Salt and Light Starts at Home
7 02162014.WMA 02162014.mp3 Jesus Wants Righteous Hearts
8 03022014.WMA 03022014.mp3 Listen to My Son!
9 03092014.WMA 03092014.mp3 Temptation of Christ
10 03162014.WMA 03162014.mp3 Nicodemus in the Church Pew
11 03232014.WMA 03232014.mp3 War and Peace with God
12 03302014.WMA 03302014.mp3 Blind Man I Can See… Now What?
13 04062014.WMA 04062014.mp3 Lazarus is Raised From the Dead
14 04132014.WMA 04132014.mp3
15 04172014.WMA 04172014.mp3 Washes the disciples feet. Peace=Love with Humility
16 04202014.WMA 04202014.mp3 Easter Sunrise
17 04202014.WMA 04202014.mp3 Easter  
18 04272014.WMA 04272014.mp3 The Word Became Flesh
19 05042014.WMA 05042014.mp3 On the Road? Get Directions!
20 06012014.WMA 06012014.mp3 Really? Jesus Prays for Me?
21 06152014.WMA 06152014.mp3 Seeking the Grace, Love and Fellowship
22 06222014.WMA 06222014.mp3 What is the Worst thing that can Happen?
23 07062014.WMA 07062014.mp3 Let Jesus Do the Heavy Lifting
24 07132014.WMA 07132014.mp3  
25 07202014.WMA 07202014.mp3 Good and Evil Dwell Together
26 08032014.WMA 08032014.mp3 Food for Thought
27 08102014.WMA 08102014.mp3 Faith and Troubled Waters
28 08172014.WMA 08172014.mp3 How much do you want it?
29 08242014.WMA 08242014.mp3 What a God I have in Jesus!
30 08312014.WMA 08312014.mp3 Faith and Troubled Waters
31 09072014.WMA 09072014.mp3 The Message doesn't change
32 09142014.WMA 09142014.mp3 The Devil is in the details
33 09212014.WMA 09212014.mp3 Dying to be with you
34 10122014.WMA 10122014.mp3 Living in Christ
35 10192014.WMA 10192014.mp3 Sparring with the Messiah - Really?
36 11022014.WMA 11022014.mp3 Do you Know What We Have Been Given?
37 11092014.WMA 11092014.mp3 Preparation, Perseverance, and Faith Prevail
38 11162014.WMA 11162014.mp3 The Tomahawk Talent Show
39 11232014.WMA 11232014.mp3 Who, or What, is Your King?
40 12072014.WMA 12072014.mp3 How can we be sure He's coming?
41 12142014.WMA 12142014.mp3 Who will tell the Good News?
42 12212014.WMA 12212014.mp3 Are you Ready for Emanuel?
43 12242014.WMA 12242014.mp3 Christmas Eve - Standing in the Light
44 12282014.WMA 12282014.mp3 The Word Dwelt Among Us
45 01042015.WMA 01042015.mp3 Long Expected - Soon Forgotten
46 01112015.WMA 01112015.mp3 Does Your Baptism Matter?
47 01182015.WMA 01182015.mp3 Hear I Am, Lord. Is it OK?
48 01252015.WMA 01252015.mp3 Is My Enemy, God's Enemy?
49 02012015.WMA 02012015.mp3 Jesus Can Heal You
50 02082015.WMA 02082015.mp3 Why are you here today?
51 02152015.WMA 02152015.mp3 Listen to Him - Do You Hear?
52 03092014.WMA 03092014.mp3 Temptation of Christ
53 03152015.WMA 03152015.mp3 I Love you This Much
54 03222015.WMA 03222015.mp3 Palm Sunday
55 03262015.WMA 03262015.mp3 Maundy Thursday
56 04122015.WMA 04122015.mp3 What you say?
57 04192015.WMA 04192015.mp3 Say what you know is true
58 04262015.WMA 04262015.mp3 He loves me He loves me not
59 05032015.WMA 05032015.mp3 Jesus Says Abide in Me
60 05102015.WMA 05102015.mp3 Lay Down My Life?
61 05172015.WMA 05172015.mp3 An Awesome God!
62 05242015.WMA 05242015.mp3 How are You Doing with the Spirit?
63 06072015.WMA 06072015.mp3 Planting Time
64 06142015.WMA 06142015.mp3 Seeds of Hope
65 06212015.WMA 06212015.mp3 Christians in Stormy Weather
66 06282015.WMA 06282015.mp3 Do Not Fear, Only Believe
67 07052015.WMA 07052015.mp3 Is God's Grace Sufficient for You?
68 07122015.WMA 07122015.mp3
69 07262015.WMA 07262015.mp3 Who Is This Jesus?
70 08022015.WMA 08022015.mp3 How May I Help You?
71 08092015.WMA 08092015.mp3 Have It Your Way
72 08232015.WMA 08232015.mp3 Are You In Harms Way?
73 08302015.WMA 08302015.mp3 Is God's Word Sufficient?
74 09132015.WMA 09132015.mp3 I Shouldn't Say This But …
75 09202015.WMA 09202015.mp3 Who Has Wisdom?
76 09272015.WMA 09272015.mp3 I Will Pray for You
77 10042015.WMA 10042015.mp3 Is The Bread of Life Sufficient?
78 10182015.WMA 10182015.mp3 One Door and Only One
79 10252015.WMA 10252015.mp3 The One That Knows You By Name
80 11012015.WMA 11012015.mp3 Do You Believe in YOUR Resurrection?
81 11082015.WMA 11082015.mp3 How Do We Know What Is the Truth?
82 11152015.WMA 11152015.mp3 Ready to Present Your Fruit to the "Vine Master"
83 11222015.WMA 11222015.mp3 Who is this Man Jesus?
84 11292015.WMA 11292015.mp3 Our Only Hope is All We Need
85 12062015.WMA 12062015.mp3 ADVENTures in Faith
86 12132015.WMA 12132015.mp3 What, Then, Shall We Do?
87 12202015.WMA 12202015.mp3 What will the Lord do Next?
88 12242015.WMA 12242015.mp3 Christmas Eve - Standing in the Light
89 01032016.WMA 01032016.mp3 New People Greet the New Year
90 01102016.WMA 01102016.mp3 God's Holiness, Our Sin: Oh My!
91 01172016.WMA 01172016.mp3 Believe there are Hypocrites in Church?
92 01312016.WMA 01312016.mp3 God Loves Me - This I know!
93 02072016.WMA 02072016.mp3 In God We Trust
94 02142016.WMA 02142016.mp3 Lead Me Not Into Temptation?
95 02282016.WMA 02282016.mp3 Are We ready for the Harvest>
96 03202016.WMA 03202016.mp3 Palm Passion Sunday - Long Range Planning
97 03242016.WMA 03242016.mp3 Maundy Thursday - Never Forget
98 03272016.WMA 03272016.mp3 Easter Sunrise - The Way, The Only Way!
99 03272016.WMA 03272016.mp3 Resurrection of the Lord Sunday - The Gift: Pardon and New Life
100 04032016.WMA 04032016.mp3 It's Time to Celebrate
101 04102016.WMA 04102016.mp3 Failure to Thrive
102 04172016.WMA 04172016.mp3 Did You Hear Something?
103 04242016.WMA 04242016.mp3 How "Conditional" is Your Love?
104 05012016.WMA 05012016.mp3 Mayday! Where's the Spirit on Mon - Sat. ?
105 05082016.WMA 05082016.mp3 God Working in the World, and You
106 05152016.WMA 05152016.mp3 Pentecost - Embrace the Spirit
107 05222016.WMA 05222016.mp3 Trinity Sunday - Is Seeing Believing or Believing Seeing?
108 05292016.WMA 05292016.mp3 God keeps his Word, do we?
109 06052016.WMA 06052016.mp3 "Born Again" Is Not the Second Act of the Same Play
110 06122016.WMA 06122016.mp3 Is God a "Prepper"?
111 06192016.WMA 06192016.mp3 Proclaim the Word of God
112 07102016.WMA 07102016.mp3 Wonderful Words of Life
113 07172016.WMA 07172016.mp3 "In God We Trust" 
114 07242016.WMA 07242016.mp3 Am I a worthy sacrifice to God?
115 07312016.WMA 07312016.mp3 Do I bring joy to God?
116 08072016.WMA 08072016.mp3 Faithfulness is our "real-time" lives
117 08142016.WMA 08142016.mp3 Bold and Courageous Faith
118 08212016.WMA 08212016.mp3 The Eyes of Your Heart
119 08282016.WMA 08282016.mp3 "Doing Good, But Not Doing It Right"
120 09042016.WMA 09042016.mp3 Pray for the People of God
121 09252016.WMA 09252016.mp3 How "Children of the Light" are to Live
122 10022016.WMA 10022016.mp3 Taking on the World
123 10092016.WMA 10092016.mp3 "Day of the Living Dead" 
124 10162016.WMA 10162016.mp3
125 10232016.WMA 10232016.mp3 Close; You're Getting Warmer
126 11062016.WMA 11062016.mp3 It is Written… The Greatest of These is Love 
127 11132016.WMA 11132016.mp3 Planning for the Future
128 11202016.WMA 11202016.mp3 Is God's Grace Really "Amazing" ? 
129 11272016.WMA 11272016.mp3 "All the Time in the World"
130 12112016.WMA 12112016.mp3 Are You Really into "humble obedience" ? newly added
131 12182016.WMA 12182016.mp3 "How to Save a Sinner" newly added
132 12242016.WMA 12242016.mp3 "That's What it's All About" - Christmas Eve newly added
133 01012017.WMA 01012017.mp3 "Walking in the Light of God" newly added
134 01082017.WMA 01082017.mp3 "Three Times the Blessing" newly added
135 01152017.WMA 01152017.mp3 "What Are You Seeking ?" newly added
136 01222017.WMA 01222017.mp3 "What If You Are Called ?" newly added
137 01292017.WMA 01292017.mp3 How Can I Ever Be Good Enough ? newly added
138 02052017.WMA 02052017.mp3 Good News - God Keeps His Promises ! newly added
139 02122017.WMA 02122017.mp3 Life after Communion newly added
140 02192017.WMA 02192017.mp3 Prepare the Temple for God newly added
141 02262017.WMA 02262017.mp3 Listen to Him ! newly added
142 03052017.WMA 03052017.mp3 Getting Ready for Jesus newly added
143 03122017.WMA 03122017.mp3 "Would You Pray for Me ? " newly added
144 03192017.WMA 03192017.mp3 We Are All Judged, In the Talent Show newly added
145 03262017.WMA 03262017.mp3 "I See !" Said the Blind Man newly added
146 04022017.WMA 04022017.mp3 "God's Compassionate Plan"  newly added
147 04092017.WMA 04092017.mp3 "Nothing But the Blood" newly added
148 04162017.WMA 04162017.mp3 "He Saw and Believed" - Easter Sunrise newly added
149 04162017.WMA 04162017.mp3 The Resurrection and You - Easter newly added
150 04232017.WMA 04232017.mp3 "What Will You Do with the Risen Christ" newly added
151 04302017.WMA 04302017.mp3 "His Master's Voice"  newly added